Friday, February 23

New Ticker

Yes, some of you may have noticed the new ticker at the top of the page. I hesitated to post about this on here, as I'm not technically ready to announce anything yet, but I'm pretty sure that most of the people who read this blog already know, and to those of you who don't: SURPRISE! WE'RE PREGNANT! Yup, that's right. Baby number 3 will be making an appearance in our home this fall. We are so thrilled to be expecting, and even though morning sickness has officially set in, I am so excited to be bringing another baby into this world. I look at my two beautiful boys, and am grateful for the time that I have to spend with them, and for the spirits they are. I am anxious to find out what sort of little person will be joining us this time, but I'm sure that whatever happens it will be for the best.

Thursday, February 22

Missing Again

I know I haven't been around this week. I haven't been feeling well at all, and since Ammon's parents are planning on arriving at our house sometime on Saturday, all my extra energy has been going toward preparing our house for long-term houseguests. Thanksfully, my to-do list has shrunk down to a very reasonable size thanks to the help of my husband, but it is still enough to keep me busy for the next couple of days. I jokingly told Mary the other day that my house is as clean as it's going to get, and if there are things left undone, she's going to have to do them herself when she gets here. I'm grateful for family that is willing to do things to be helpful, and I'm glad that Mary and Russ are comfortable in our home, because we love to have the company! Anyway, I'm going to sign off and get back to work, but I wanted to poke in and at leats let everyone out in cyberspace know that I am in fact alive and reasonably well.

Friday, February 16

Happy President's Day!

I noticed I hadn't posted a picture in a while, so this is sort of a double-threat kind of post. I took this about a week ago, when my children were actually playing nicely together for a moment. Kadon has repeatedly asked to sleep in his brothers bed, and occasionally Jeremy will oblige and let him cuddle for a moment. Luckily, both children are feeling better, finally. Jeremy still has a lingering cough that sounds really ragged. We have continued our regimen of cough syrup at night, just to save him from coughing all night in bed. The one night we forgot, we woke up at 12:30, and ached for how he sounded, until Ammon took pity on him and woke him up to swallow some medicine. We haven't forgotten since then.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend, it's President's Day and Ammon actually has both school and work. Furthermore, we have almost no plans this weekend. I am supposed to attend a Pampered Chef party on Saturday, and I have a dentist appointment on Monday morning, but other than that we get to stay home in blissful seclusion. Hopefully by the end of the long weekend, we can emerge healthy, and rested, ready to tackle another week. I would say that I will attempt to post again on Monday, but you will all know that it's a lie. So that being said, happy (early) President's Day!

Tuesday, February 13

Another Day

Another day, another tantrum. Right now I'm listening to the sound of Kadon having a major temper tantrum. I mean a tantrum including the screams of rage, the kicking feet, and the banging of his head against the door he is sitting in front of. I was checking my email this morning when I heard Jeremy screaming in his bedroom. I went to investigate, to find Kadon standing over him, hitting him repeatedly about the head and shoulders. Kadon has had a serious temper and hitting problem lately, which I know is inclement to his age, so I grabbed him by the arm, swat him good on the bum (which I hardly ever do) and placed him directly in time-out. My kids are feeling just well enough today to be cranky, whiny, and combative, but not well enough to go anywhere. I am missing my institute class today because Kadon isn't well enough to go to nursery, and Jeremy is missing pre-school for the second day in a row because he still has a horrible couch and is crying at the drop of a hat. I know the old saying goes 'This too shall pass', but today, I'm having a hard time believing that. I suppose only time will tell.

Monday, February 12

Missing in Action

I know I've been very absent the last week or so, but we have had some very serious illness at our house. Both of the kids have come down with a particularly nasty virus the last week, and have been coughing so hard that Jeremy has thrown up several times. We had Kadon into the doctor both on Wednesday and on Friday, and on Friday they told us that he has a sinus infection, ear infection, virus, and his asthma sounds terrible at the moment. We assume that Jeremy has the same virus that Kadon has, but because he doesn't seem to have problems with ear infections, he doesn't have asthma, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a sinus infection, he has been a completely different kind of sick. Jeremy has run a fever the last three days of about 100 degrees, while Kadon hasn't had a fever at all. Also, Kadon hasn't coughed nearly as hard as his brother. Needless to say, we have kept very busy in the last week caring for them. Up until last night, my house was in shambles, and I hadn't cooked a real meal in several days. Last evening, things finally reached a breaking point, and I forced myself to prepare a large meal (which neither of the kids ate, of course) and scoured the house. I know that it was Sunday, and you're generally not supposed to do those sorts of things, but if my house didn't get cleaned and ordered, somebody was going to get hurt today! I am hoping that by tomorrow both of the kids are doing better, and that Jeremy is going to be able to go to Preschool so that Kadon and I can attend my Institute class. This house arrest idea is getting pretty old!

Friday, February 2

Super Bowl!

I went to the grocery store today in order to purchase supplies for our annual Super Bowl party. It's very exciting this year, because Ammon's favorite NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts is meeting up against the favorite team of some friends of ours, the Bears. We had planned to have a super bowl party and invited these friends LONG before we found out what two teams were going, but it will be fun to have a real live in-house rival to content with while we watch the game. Anyway, today I bought the ingredients to make 7-layer dip, buffalo wings, and hot dogs for the various children that will be in attendance. Other people are bringing cookies, drinks, and a vegetable tray. It should be quite a feast! I'm very excited for our party, and hopefully we're not too embarrassed on our home turf by a losing team!

Thursday, February 1

Jeremy's Dentist

Yesterday afternoon Jeremy visited the dentist for the very first time. I should have gotten some pictures of him sitting in the chair, but the thought escaped me until we were in the car on the way home. When we first arrived, I allowed the dental assistant to take Jeremy back to the room all by himself, but after a few minutes I couldn't stand the suspense of wondering how he was doing, so I made my way back to his side. When I arrived he was already situated in the chair, with the dentist and the dental assistant looking into his mouth. He allowed the dentist to poke each one of his teeth with the metal pick, and after talking to him for several minutes about his teeth, the dental assistant used some fruit punch flavored paste to polish his teeth. The only part of the whole procedure that seemed to bother him was the bright light shining in his eyes. Luckily, they had a pair of super cool sunglasses on hand for just such an occasion. Really, it was quite a sight to see my little boy in the dental chair, getting his teeth polished while wearing these enormous green and black sunglasses. He held very, very still through the whole process, and earned himself a special treat after dinner. I was so proud of my growing boy!